Save A Life, Move A Heart 

SALMA is a student initiated humanitarian corporation that works to spread awareness of homelessness while attempting to break the cycle through various charity events and weekly volunteering focusing strongly on the arts. 

Our Vision and Mission

SALMA's vision is to spread awareness of the struggles and violation of human rights of the homeless and underprivileged population.


SALMA's mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of the homeless and poor through a humanitarian effort with the partnership of several other nonprofit organizations across the nation. 

Executive Staff

Cheif Executive Officer (CEO)/Founder : 
Noor Habib EL-Farra   















Chief Operating Officer (COO) : 

Mohamed Habib EL-Farra















Head of Social Media : 

Mark Trajano














Head of  Community :

Farah Al-Aqrabawi 














Head of Social Media :

Nareh Nazari ---->(Picture coming soon!)



Head of Public Relations:

Sona Postajian ----> (Picture coming soon!)









**Postions for Executive Board are still available. Applications are now being accepted! -For  inquries on positions or on other positions available but are not mentioned above please follow the top links and contact us at your earliest convience. 

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