Have you ever wanted to work with kids? Do you like Arts&Crafts? How about singing? Acting and Dancing? Or maybe you're more into sports? Like... Basketball? Soccer? Perhaps, Football?


What if we told you, you could do everything mentioned above PLUS any other hobby you may have (like creative writing or even photography) while volunteering for us?! 


SALMA began with its main focus being only to use the arts such as; music, dance, theater, photography, and arts&crafts, to attempt to make a difference in the lives of the homeless. However, SALMA is an organization that strives to meet any of the needs homeless facilities should acquire. We have expanded our interests to sports, education, and any hobby or talent a student is willing to share! We want to provide members of homeless facilities with an array of opportunities! 


How do we make a difference by simply doing what we love to do?

In three amazing ways. 


{ 1 }


We help financially. Like many other organizations, we create and run specific fundraising events such as; car washes, art galleries, and even music concerts!

Nearly 95% of the money raised is donated to the organization(s) each team (or club) has chosen to sponsor. Best part? Our volunteers raise money by simply having FUN! 


This way, SALMA is able to support organizations with programs that are designed to truly end the cycle of homelessness. The programs are meant to get people off the streets, provide them with the training, support, and the resources, needed to get them back on their own feet!


{ 2 }

Volunteering  & Workshops!

SALMA members do spend most of their time volunteering at various homeless facilities and shelters. Members work often with the children at these facilities by either leading a fun activity (origami, musical chairs, cookie-decorating, basketball tournaments, etc)! Or they may also perform just for the children! Volunteers plan talent shows, play their favorite instruments, perform magic shows, and so much more!  


-->To prepare for these volunteering events, members work together during workshops to help organize what they want to do, how they can do it, where to go, and when! It is all up to the members to decide. YOU are in charge of calling the shots! :)


--Aside from working directly with the children, members also help around the facility as necessary. Their jobs may include but are not limited too; administrative assistance, house repair, cleaning, organizing, and pick-up assistance.  Members also help cook, prepare, and serve meals to the individuals living in the facilities. 

{ 3 }

Youth Development/EMotional support

The third and the most major way we help is through emotional support.  Volunteers basically get a chance to hang out with the children and families, and through fun activities, they develop life-changing friendships! 


We train our volunteers to speak positively to the children and ask questions - generate conversations- that encourage the children to start thinking about a brighter future. 

The idea is to give these children an hour or two of the day where they don't have to think about being homeless. All they have to focus on is, themselves, and what new hobby/talent they hope to learn that day. 


Volunteers encourage the children to expand their horizons, develop new hobbies, and look towards a better future. 

Sounds crazy, but you'll feel the difference you've made in their lives in about.... 5 seconds after your first volunteering event! GUARANTEED!   

{ 4- bonus! }

Leadership - Start a Team! 

A hidden function of SALMA is creating young leaders! Our members are in charge. Students are able to decide what they want to do to help, how to achieve this goal, where to do so, and when!


Students are able to break out of their classrooms, envision a plan to change the lives of the homeless, and receive the help needed to take the action necessary to make it happen. 

Starting a team is easy! Just take the initiative to contact us and team SALMA will get you started.

© 2023 by SALMA: "Save A Life, Move A Heart"

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